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How does Seedfund.vn support?

Fundraising: Seedfund.vn support start-ups optimize fundraising process through

- Determine amount of capital needed for your future direction.

- Prepare proposal, financial plan, fund employment plan

- Valuation of your companies

- Find and connect with investors

- Deal and negotiate with investors

- Legal process with investors and authorities

- Educate about finance


Financial consulting: Seedfund.vn helps start-ups running smoothly and avoiding losses through:

- Financial plan

- Cash flow management

- Expense management


Intellectual property services and licenses


Connecting start-ups with effective incubation programs and cloud-funding programs


Human resources: Seedfund.vn finds best -fit personnel for your team, upon your requirement


Legal advisory: Backed by Legal Club in Ho Chi Minh City of Ministry of Justice, Seedfund.vn can support start-ups in various legal-related aspects.


Contact Info


Office : Floor 1, Rosana Building, 60 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Str., Dist.1., Ho Chi Minh City., VietNam

Branch: Room 10.06, Phu Dat Building, 45 D5 Str., Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City., VietNam

Tel: +84 8.222022.64 - Fax: +84 8.222022.63